3137 SE 29th St
Topeka, KS 66605


(785) 266-0308

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Laurent, Tim Director 785-251-6800  
Rakestraw, Jess Deputy Director 785-251-6800  
Maike, Josh Park Services Superintendent 785-251-6800  
Boyd, John Planning & Development and Park Services Superintendent 785-251-6800  
Golden, Kerry Director of Golf 785-251-6835  
VanBecelaere, Eric Administrative Superintendent 785-251-6800  
Whyte, Dustyn Recreation Manager 785-251-6800  
Osborne, Shawn Outdoor Adventures Manager 785-251-6800  
Tolin, Darren Sports Supervisor 785-251-6970  
Tripe, Darrick Purchasing Manager 785.251.6800  
Toby, Brian Project Manager/Park Planner 785-251-6880  
Zimmerman, Michelle Account Clerk II, accounts receivable, refunds   785-251-6800  
Wolff, Kimberly Parks For All Foundation, memorial benches 785-251-6878  
Michael, Josh West Lawn Memorial Gardens 785-251-6808