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Buhler Recreation Building


  1. 120,000 Gallon Pool
  2. Diving Board
  3. Family Changing Room
  4. Lounge Chairs
  5. Meeting Rooms
  6. Men's Restroom and Shower
  7. Parks and Recreation Office
  8. Patio Tables
  9. Restrooms
  10. Shower Facilities
  11. Swim Area
  12. Water Slide
  13. Water Umbrella
  14. Women's Restroom and Shower


The Rossville Swimming Pool and the Buhler Recreation Building were dreams of the community since the 1960’s when the first petition was circulated. In 2003, the citizens decided to be proactive and established the Rossville Pool Task Force to raise money to build a pool. After more than $400,000 was raised through fundraisers and grants, the Rossville City Council established bonds for the construction of the pool. The pool was finally opened in 2007.

At the time the pool was opened, the Rossville City Council and Shawnee County Parks and Recreation partnered together for the operations of the pool. In 2009, Shawnee County Parks and Recreation constructed the Buhler Recreation Building to house restrooms, concessions, a meeting room, and an office. In 2010, the citizens again banded together to build a huge playground in the city park that is across from the Buhler Recreation Building and the Rossville Swimming Pool.