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Skyline Park

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The 106-acre Skyline Park features Burnett's Mound, where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Shawnee County. The park features the 4.47 miles of Azura Trails which loop through wooded areas and restored prairie in the higher elevations. The sunrise (blue) trail features interpretive signage describing the wildilfe and flora and fauna in the park. Near the park entrance are interpretive signs telling the history of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation how the Potawatomi people came to settle in northeast Kansas. 

May and June are a great time to see multiple varieties of beautiful prairie flowers in bloom. Prairie plants range from indigo to orange milkweed to purple prairie clover. Check out our Prairie Plant Guide and see how many wild prairie flowers you can find in Skyline Park.

The south summit (green) trail features boardwalks that are popular with mountain bike enthusiasts. There is also a bicycle pump track on the summit (yellow) trail level of the park.

A picnic shelter is available at the lower parking lot.