Yacht Club


For over 73 years, Topeka and Shawnee County residents have been discovering the fun and excitement of sailing with the Shawnee Yacht Club. Even as Lake Shawnee filled with water back in 1938, skippers in homebuilt boats tacked through corn stalks. Over the years, hundreds of families have carried on the traditional summer days of sailing for fun, competition and fellowship. The Yacht Club is located at the mouth of a cove on the western shore of Lake Shawnee. From Topeka, go east on 37th Street until it dead-ends and you should see the boat masts off to the southeast. 

Don't let the term 'yacht' intimidate you-it can mean any size boat, from 20-foot racing scows to 8-foot prams. For a nominal annual membership fee, you can store your boat in the parking lot for the season, use the two launching ramps and various docks, participate in regular races or just sail for pleasure and partake in our sailing regattas and parties. We offer formal sailing lessons, or seasoned members are always happy to provide tips and assistance. 

Additional Information

If you don't own a boat, don't let that stop you-we're always looking for crew members. For more information, visit Shawnee Yacht Club.