Garden Pergola

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The pergola is nestled on the east side of the Ted Ensley Gardens, right along the lake front. The open air structure can facilitate up to 90 people and is adjacent to the Garden House. The immediate area boasts a pond, two gurgling streams, many colorful flower beds, native trees and a sidewalk that runs throughout the gardens. Ample shade is available to escape those hot summer days and the pergola is situated as to give a full view of beautiful Lake Shawnee. The pergola is a favorite place for weddings, family gatherings or for that special event.

NOTE: For early spring weddings, there is a gap between when the tulips finish blooming and are removed, and when spring planting begins in May. There may not be flowers in the flower beds and/or they may not be mature in time for May weddings.

Information Sheet


Session Time Fee
Session 1 10 am-3 pm $220
Session 2 5:30 pm-10:30 pm $220
All Day 10 am-10:30 pm $440
  Fri.-Sun. & Holidays  
  10 am-10:30 pm $440