1800 SE 21st
Topeka, KS 66607

1800 SE 21st
Topeka, KS 66607


The Recreation division consists of:

Camps/Before and After School Care


Community Centers

Great Overland Station

Old Prairie Town

Name Title Email Phone
Fowler-Hentzler, Susan Recreation Superintendent 785-251-6881
Neal, Clay Camps/Before and After School Programs 785-251-6891
Streeter, Darlene Recreational Programs Supervisor 785-251-6886
Friesen, Angel Recreation Leader, Central Park Community Center 785-251-6965
Thomsen, Carmen Recreation Leader, Crestview Community Center 785-251-6960
Wunder, Staci Recreation Leader, Hillcrest/Garfield Community Center 785-251-6950
Norris, Madison Recreation Program Manager 785-251-6949
Neal, Clay Camps and Before and After School Supervisor   785-251-6953
Stormann, Penny Recreation Leader, Shawnee North Community Center 785-286-0676
Carter-Williams, Ja'Mon Recreation Leader, Oakland/Rice Community Centers 251-6953
Bell, John Recreation Program Supervisor, Old Prairie Town 7852516989
Brooks , Gena Recreation programmer   785-251-6993
Arganbright, Mark Recreation Program Manager, Great Overland Station 785-251-6945