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Ward-Meade Botanical Garden


The 2.5-acre Ward-Meade Botanical Garden was established in 1963. There are approximately 500 varieties of trees and shrubs in the garden. In addition, there are about 5,000 annual flowers planted each year. The garden includes many plants requiring shade as well as many unusual specimen plants. Three water gardens are featured in the park, an above ground water garden in the front yard as well as Anna’s Place Asian Garden. Anna’s Place consists of two pools, a stream, bridge, gazebo and water fall. It is surrounded by many varieties of plant material. Also a pondless water feature is located by the entrance to the gardens as well as 1,500 feet of stamped sidewalk that meanders through the gardens. The garden features an American Hemerocallis Society daylily national display garden, an American Hosta Society hosta national display garden and an American Conifer Society reference garden.

 Many weddings are held in the garden each year. The gardens are open from 8 am until dusk and are handicap accessible. For more information about the Botanical Garden call (785) 251-6800.

Our gardens are for the enjoyment of everyone.  For your safety and to protect the gardens, please note the following rules:

  • Thank you for being respectful and courteous to other guests of the garden. This includes weddings and other scheduled events.
  • Photography is welcomed, but should not interfere with the enjoyment of other guests. Thank you for not posing in or entering any flower beds.
  • Thank you for refraining from climbing on garden structures and trees, and from wading in ponds, fountains, and other water features.
  • Feel free to touch and smell the plants and flowers; do not pick, damage or remove plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, rocks or animals (County Code Sec. 21-7)
  • Thank you for not throwing objects into the water features.
  • Keep all pets leashed and clean up after them.
  • Help keep the gardens clean by depositing any trash in designated receptacles.
  • For your own safety, do not enter a barricaded area or an area posted for pesticide application.
  • Do not tamper with water hoses, equipment, tools or signs.
  • No soliciting.